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Hammer Toe

graphic showing how a foot with hammer toe looks l ike

What is Hammer Toe?

Hammer Toe is a deformity in which the joints in the toes are bending.

It develops over time from improper fitting shoes or arthritis.




  • Injured Toe

  • Improper fitting shoes

  • Bunion

  • Tendons or ligaments tightened



  • Difficulty walking

  • Corns or Calluses

  • Toes bending downward




  • Toe Sleeve

  • Flexor Tenotomy

  • Surgery is the last resort, as there is a high reoccurrence of toes hammering again (just the nature of toes)


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See Our Doctors

Our doctors will guide you to the best treatments for Hammer Toe.

 Please call us to schedule an appointment at 559-436-4820 

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Patient Review

Lea Minyard

Finally, a Dr. that actually listened to all of my concerns. I was very nervous due to a bad experience with a previous Podiatrist. I found the office staff to be polite and personable. Dr. Oji took the time to listen and answer all of my questions. The shots were painless. ????. I did not feel rushed.

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