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How to use SilvaSorb Gel


SilvaSorb Gel protects and hydrates dry wounds utilizing microscopic particles of controlled-release ionic silver. Use SilvaSorb Gel for treating full and partial thickness wounds, ulcers, burns, incisions, and abrasions.

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How to apply SilvaSorb Gel:

1. Clean and dry the wound area with saline or wound cleanser

2. Apply a 1/8-1/4 inch layer of SilvaSorb Gel to the wound area

3. Cover the wound with an appropriate dressing such as dry gauze and roller gauze to secure the dressings in place.

When to remove a re-apply SilvaSorb Gel:

1) Monitor wound area for moisture and drainage

2) SilvaSorb Gel may be left in place for up to 3 days

3) Re-apply SilvaSorb Gel more frequently, if directed

4) Remove the secondary dressing

5) SilvaSorb Gel may be removed with the cover dressing

6) If gel dries, cleanse the wound area with saline or wound cleanser


SilvaSorb Gel may dry out with minimal drainage wounds or become discolored when used for moderate drainage wounds. Some patients may experience sensitivity to the Ionic Silver. If there is any change to the wound area including swelling, bleeding, or pain, contact a healthcare provider immediately.

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