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Nail Fungus


What is Nail Fungus?

Nail Fungus can occur from three types of fungi; yeast, mold, and dermatophytes. Fungus attack nails that already have damage from cuts or an opening through the skin under the nail.





  • Walking barefoot in wet environments like swimming pools, public showers, and even contamination through surface contact

  • Fungus can also spread from the skin to nail

  • Tight fitting shoes

  • Diabetes 

  • Other circulatory conditions



  • Yellow, harden nails

  • Foul odor from nails

  • Splitting of nails

  • Tenderness around the nail borders

  • Pain can come and go, from mild to severe




  • Topical application such as Penlac  

  • Oral medications such as Lamisil


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