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Nerve Pain

nerve pain on the sole of the foot

What is Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain may result from a pinched nerve or a chronic condition, such as diabetes. Any foot pain can have a significant impact on daily life, and untreated nerve pain may keep a person from enjoying or accomplishing their regular activities.





  • an injury to the brain, spine or nerves

  • poor blood supply to the nerves

  • heavy drinking

  • phantom pain after an amputation

  • vitamin B12 or thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency

  • certain medicines



  • a burning, aching, or tingling sensation

  • the sensation of an electric shock in the foot or feet

  • pain that gets worse during the night or specific activities

  • muscle weakness in the area


Also, the same issue that causes nerve pain may alternately cause numbness.




  • using hot or cold packs

  • resting

  • taking over-the-counter pain relief medication, such as ibuprofen (Advil)

  • massaging the feet

  • wearing a splint for support


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