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PuraPly AM is intended for the management of wounds and as an effective barrier to resist microbial colonization within the device and reduce microbes penetrating through the device. PuraPly AM is indicated for the management of various wounds.


​Only PuraPly AM has the power of plus: The unique combination of native, cross-linked ECM + broad-spectrum PHMB that provides a sustained antimicrobial barrier to keep you in command of the healing environment all week long.1-3


  • Cross-linked ECM resists degradation in wounds, supporting persistence between debridements2

  •  PHMB proactively disrupts bioburden3-5 and has high tissue compatibility and low cytotoxicity



PuraPly AM can be applied from the onset and for the duration of the wound.

1. Prepare wound to ensure it is free of debris and necrotic tissue

2. Cut the dry sheet to the appropriate size and place in contact with wound bed

3. Hydrate with sterile saline

4. Use appropriate fixation and apply non-adherent dressing and secondary dressings

5. Assess weekly for reapplication

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