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Patient Testimonial

My name is Daphne Gill-Dyangko.


Alot of years back I had a seizure in a shower and both of my ankles went backwards. They didn't really heal properly, so I was in a lot of pain and I finally saw my primary care doctor and he referred me over to Dr. Oji. He says we're going to try and do whatever we can so that you know you can have the function of your ankle. You know we're not going to solder your ankles together and all this and I said, "Okay". So kind to me and explain explained everything to me all the procedures that was going to happen so that I wouldn't go in there blind.


He performed it on me and then I had a bad time with the cast because I wanted to get out but I made it and he has just been there. Just like holding my hand basically all the way through and right now, I can walk without any pain. I would most definitely refer people to see Doctor Oji.

Patient Testimonial

My name is Paula Parker. My wound actually began with my chemotherapy treatments. My treatment has been from last year of September all the way up until now, present. My wounds began to heal, I could see progress in March of this year. The state I was in, very uncomfortable but with the treatments being applied it made it less uncomfortable.


Doctors having great bedside manners but the staff overall, really concerned, very kind. I would recommend others to come here because I was in a really serious state. The pain and stuff that I had experienced before the wound care was just. It was too hard to even try to explain it but right now I'm doing so much better because each time that I've came I have received excellent care.

Patient Testimonial

My name's David Giles. My wound began with a blister due to work while being on my feet. Being diabetic, it developed an infection and I was admitted to the hospital for high fever and things, and Dr. Oji was called in to consult. He found out what was going on and decided to treat me.

Dr. Olalemi, I've been seeing her exclusively for maybe about a year-and-a-half now, almost 2 years. And she's always just bright, very upbeat.


I'm doing great. They're all healed, I don't have any more wounds. They're very very good at keeping on top of it and seeing me. I feel good about the way my feet feel now. I've called with insurance questions, I've called with disability questions, and they've just been fantastic to answer those for me. The front staff, back-staff, the office manager, they're like family.

Patient Testimonial

Hi, my name's Josie McGuire. Started out with like a slow ache and then it just started progressing and it just was getting worse and worse and got to the point where it does hurt all the time. Told my primary doctor, you know that it wasn't getting any better and he sent me over here.


Dr. Moy, he just explains everything where you can understand it. He takes your time, you're not rushed, any question. I would absolutely recommend anybody to come here because they're young doctors, they have all the latest techniques and they're caring. It's just, I've already told friends about it. Well, if you have any problems I know where you need to go. The office is great, the staff, everybody's just super.


Patient Reviews

Gail D.

Love this office!! Dr. Oji has been taking care of my foot and ankle pain for years with lots of TLC!! He keeps me walking!! Always has an answer to help me feel better and keep me moving!

Lori D. Clanton

Dr. Oji and his staff provided Professional care from appointments to diagnosis, to treatment, to surgery, to post-surgery care. I Highly recommend Dr. Oji for your foot issues!

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