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Valley Foot and Ankle Speciality Providers has been serving the greater Central Valley community since 2017. Our patients are like family, we provide quality and compassionate care going above and beyond to make sure that we are helping you put your best foot forward. 

Our Patient Promise

Our primary goal is to provide quality medical care which is easily accessible and responsive to you. Our staff includes a comprehensive team of professionals who will consistently strive to exceed your expectations

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Emmy Oji


Dr. Emmy Oji is a board-certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon. He earned his medical degree at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and went on to complete his residency in Podiatric Medicine. He then completed his residency in Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He specializes in reconstructive and revision surgery, including mid-foot and hind-foot fusion, ankle arthroscopy, total ankle replacement, tendon transfers, and repair, with emphasis on diabetic limb salvage and sports-related injuries including ankle sprains and instability, cartilage damage as well as Achilles tendon pathologies.

He was the Chair of Research and Education Committee at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Residency Program and served as faculty and clinical instructor at UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program. He has received several awards including the Andrea K. Delgado, MD Memorial Award for outstanding academic achievements and community service.

Dr. Emmy Oji is a doctor of choice for utilizing the internal brace system for ankle instability. He is the only Podiatric Foot and Ankle surgeon credentialed to perform total ankle arthroplasty in Fresno and one of a select few providers credentialed to perform bunion surgery via minimally invasive technique allowing for faster return to activity.


Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Sub-Specialty: Podiatric Surgery, Pittsburgh, PA

Internship: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Department of Orthopedic surgery

Medical School: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Undergraduate: University of California, Davis, BS Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, Davis, CA

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Dr. “Bukky”


Dr. Laura Rowe

Dr. Olubukunola "Bukky" Oseni-Olalemi, originally from Fresno, California, is a specialist in foot and ankle clinical management and surgical treatment. She has experience in a variety of areas related to the foot and ankle. 

Dr. Laura Rowe was born and raised in Hanford, CA, where she grew up playing soccer and cross country and going on numerous trips into the mountains. After majoring in chemistry and taking brief career detours in wine chemistry and AmeriCorps, she went to podiatric medical school in Pomona.

Patient Testimonial

Hi, my name's Josie McGuire. Started out with like a slow ache and then it just started progressing and it just was getting worse and worse and got to the point where it does hurt all the time. Told my primary doctor, you know that it wasn't getting any better and he sent me over here.


Dr. Moy, he just explains everything where you can understand it. He takes your time, you're not rushed, any question. I would absolutely recommend anybody to come here because they're young doctors, they have all the latest techniques and they're caring. It's just, I've already told friends about it. Well, if you have any problems I know where you need to go. The office is great, the staff, everybody's just super.


Patient Reviews

Gail D.

Love this office!! Dr. Oji has been taking care of my foot and ankle pain for years with lots of TLC!! He keeps me walking!! Always has an answer to help me feel better and keep me moving!

Lori D. Clanton

Dr. Oji and his staff provided Professional care from appointments to diagnosis, to treatment, to surgery, to post-surgery care. I Highly recommend Dr. Oji for your foot issues!

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